Do You Know Mobile Apps Have Daily Users?

A study shows that a mobile app is the most effective and efficient tool to help to increase a business exposure. According to statistic, we see nearly fifty billion app download jump in 2018, this is compared to 197 billion in 2017 versus 149 billion in 2016. The projection shows by 2021 the whole app downloads will jump to a surprising 352 billion.

Think about mobile apps for businesses seeking to increase communication with customers. In today’s world, the majority uses mobile apps on a daily basis to connect with friends, online shopping, food ordering, searching for a location and play games. It’s vital for businesses to know what customers do and don’t like in order to make a winning app that will save time, save money and convenience.


Reference for Key App Statistics:
  • The total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 – 197 billion (a forecast) (Statista)
  • The total number of iOS app downloads in 2016 – 25+ billion (Source: App Annie)
  • The total number of Android app downloads in 2015 – 50 billion (Source: Benedict Evans)
  • The total number of Android app downloads in 2016 –  90 billion (App Annie)