We are a mobile app builder and creator based in Sydney. We design and develop mobile apps for iOS and Android. Our mobile apps are developed on the Content Management System (CMS).

We create stunning and functional mobile apps.

We provide an exceptional, competitive and affordable pricing for your mobile app design and development.


We are committed to providing every business with mobile app solutions to run their company effectively and efficiently. Help businesses to be visible and engage with their customers. Promote online presence and strengthen their brand.

Our mobile application development will enable businesses to stay on top of their game. Increase customer base, increase sales and maximizing profits.

We are committed to providing an excellent service and champion customer service without exception. Always ready to help!


Grace Wong is a highly effective Technology Management Professional, with 25 years of experience dedicated to promoting the best customer service and cost-effectiveness in a diverse business environment.

She started her career as a System Administrator before established as a Network Engineer in various organizations in Sydney, Australia. In 1997, she moved to New York, US then Singapore to work with one of the largest and well-known American Investment Bank as an Application Support for 6 years. Upon returning to Sydney in 2003, she joined a major and established software maker company as a Senior Support Engineer supported software products for Enterprise customers for 13 years.

She founded Connect Mobile Apps to help and provide every business with mobile application and website solutions to help run their business efficiently and give their customers a pleasant experience.

She continues her passion to help businesses to build their online presence and grow their business, retaining customers and gaining many new customers year after year.



Connect Mobile Apps aims to be a mobile application and website development provider of choice for every business and achieving excellence in providing services.


We are committed to consistently delivering the most outstanding personalized business experience by providing excellent quality of mobile application and website developments.


  1. All partnerships based on integrity, respect, transparency, and trust.
  2. Continuous commitment to excellence, innovation, and growth.
  3. Strong leadership, accountability, and collaboration.
  4. To provide a culture which encourages a vibrant, excitement and creative environment.