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Local Design. International Expert

Who we are

Connect mobile apps is a forward thinking apps development company motivated by technology to advance people’s lives. Create smart, innovative and highly effective apps to unlock the true potential of your business, win and keep that competitive edge and meet the unique needs of your clients.

Our values are strong

Prize integrity, respect, transparency and trust

Dedicate to ongoing pursuit of excellence, innovation and growth

Pursue powerful leadership, accountability and collaboration

Our business culture encourages creativity and passion

About Us

Our Approach

Committed to helping every size and type of business reach their full commercial potential. We commit to providing outstanding personal service which always stays ahead of the pack.

Harness cutting-edge technology to bring you agile functions designed to make your organisation more productive and profitable.

Help you stay on top of your game. Backed by premium customer service and smart, user-friendly technology, you are free to concentrate on what you do best – running a successful business.

Pooling of significant and complementary expertise, you can rely on our experienced to craft clever, tailored applications. Our team members work tirelessly to deliver the best – sophisticated apps combining technological advance with highly creative features and design.

founder & director

grace wong

A seasoned technology management professional with 25 years of extensive experience across the software engineering industry.

After initial roles as system administrator and network engineer in Sydney, she embarked on her international journey in 1997. Following work in New York, Grace took up a role in application support for one of the largest American investment banks in Singapore. Returning to Sydney in 2003, she gained invaluable expertise over 13 years as senior support engineer with a major software company. 

Passionate about helping others set up and use their own apps, Grace founded Connect Mobile Apps to assist firms in building their online presence and growing their business.

Meet the team!

Visionary & innovative Team

An established, forward-looking business dedicated to excellence in the design and development of applications

creative director

Mary Sunarho

Mary began her career in graphic and UI/UX design in 2000, designing branding and user interface for various mobile apps along with print materials.

Leaving the industry for six years to concentrate on motherhood, Mary decided to make a design comeback fuelled by her valuable experience in raising a special needs child.

Mary is our artistic face, contributing some unique gifts along with her technical training – love of art, resilience, passion for building hope in others and commitment to finding purpose in life’s challenges.

Find out more about Mary’s passion here

app creator

Linda chen

app creator

Lena qian

Linda is a software and hardware engineer with more than 25 years experience working for commercial research and development companies.

She has gained extensive expertise across the spectrum, including computer engineering, ASIC design, software and novel algorithm development in image processing, computer vision and AR/VR applications.

Linda is committed to applying new technologies so menial tasks can be automated and human capacity augmented. In this way, people’s work can be infused with imagination, creativity and strategy, ensuring business continues to thrive.

Lena is a senior software engineer who has worked extensively across the software development and research sector, including software development life cycle (SDLC) and object-oriented design (OOD) as well as programming.

Her software engineering skills are second to none. She has also designed and developed a variety of software products over a career spanning 25 years. Areas of expertise include real-time data solutions, service booking web applications, eCommerce apps, data visualisation and analysis of social media networks.

Her finely tuned analytical skills and creative problem-solving are used in cutting-edge algorithms and advanced technology.